Research Projects

I have a number of ongoing field research projects. For additional information and materials on each project, please follow the links below. Papers available from these projects can be found under the Publications tab.

Windfalls, taxes, and information (Indonesia). An experiment and survey studying the effects of different sources of revenue as well as of information on political behavior.

Post-conflict reintegration (Aceh, Indonesia). A quasi-experimental evaluation of a community-driven development program and original surveys of civilians, ex-combatants, and village heads to study post-conflict development and social reintegration (with Patrick Barron, Macartan Humphreys, and Jeremy Weinstein).

Environmental protection and post-conflict reintegration (Aceh, Indonesia). Experimental study of the effects of a community forest protection program on environment and social cohesion outcomes. Conducted in collaboration with The World Bank in Indonesia and Flora and Fauna International (with Cyrus Samii).

Criminality among demobilized combatants (Colombia). A representative survey of ex-combatants in Colombia to study why some engage in criminal activity after demobilization (with Sarah Daly and Cyrus Samii).

Understanding support for sectarian politics (Lebanon). Complementary survey and discussion experiments to study the obstacles to cross-sectarian political mobilization and support for programmatic politics (with Leslie Marshall and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies).

Taxation and bargaining (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Original surveys and experiments to study the determinants of predatory taxation in a weak state and how to increase the bargaining power of households and businesses confronting illegal taxation (with Wilson Prichard, Cyrus Samii, and Raul Sanzhez de la Sierra).

Public perceptions of oil governance (Uganda). A survey in Uganda on public attitudes towards the governance of newfound oil wealth (with Guy Grossman and Jan Pierskalla).