Laura Paler

Associate Professor, Department of Government, School of Public Affairs, American University



Marshall, Leslie and Laura Paler. 2020. “Class, Ethnicity, and Cooperation Among Women: Evidence from a Public Goods Experiment in Lebanon.” The Journal of Experimental Political Science [pdf] [appendix].

Daly, Sarah Zukerman, Laura Paler and Cyrus Samii. 2020. “Wartime Ties and the Social Logic of Crime.” Journal of Peace Research 57(4): 536-550 [pdf] [appendix] [monkey cage].

Paler, Laura, Leslie Marshall, and Sami Atallah. 2020. “How Cross-Cutting Discussion Shapes Support for Ethnic Politics: Evidence from an Experiment in Lebanon.” Quarterly Journal of Political Science 15(1): 33-71 [pdf] [appendix] [pre-analysis plan].

Paler, Laura, Camille Strauss-Kahn and Korhan Kocak. 2020. “Is Bigger Always Better? How Targeting Aid Windfalls Affects Capture and Social Cohesion” Comparative Political Studies 53(3-4): 359-398 [pdf] [appendix].

Paler, Laura, Leslie Marshall and Sami Atallah. 2018. “The Social Costs of Public Political Participation: Evidence from a Petition Experiment in Lebanon” Journal of Politics 80(4): 1405-1410 [pdf] [appendix] [policy brief] [pre-analysis plan] [Dataverse].

Samii, Cyrus, Laura Paler and Sarah Daly. 2016. “Retrospective Causal Inference with Machine Learning Ensembles: An Application to Anti-Recidivism Policies in Colombia.” Political Analysis 24(4): 434-456 [pdf] [Dataverse].

Grossman, Guy and Laura Paler. 2015. “Using Field Experiments to Study Political Institutions” Handbook of Comparative Political Institutions, eds. Jennifer Gandhi and Ruben Ruiz-Rufino, Routledge [pdf].

Paler, Laura. 2013. “Keeping the Public Purse: An Experiment in Windfalls, Taxes, and the Incentives to Restrain Government” American Political Science Review 104(7): 706-725 [pdf] [online appendices] [Dataverse].

Paler, Laura. 2005. “China’s Legislation Law and the Making of a More Orderly Legislative System,” The China Quarterly, vol 182: 301-318 [pdf].

Under Review and Underway

Paler, Laura, Jeremy Springman, Guy Grossman, and Jan Pierskalla, “Oil Discoveries and Political Windfalls: Evidence on Presidential Support in Uganda.” Conditionally accepted at Political Science Research and Methods [pdf] [appendix].

Henn, Soeren, Laura Paler, Wilson Prichard, Cyrus Samii, and Raul Sanchez de la Sierra. “Engaging or Avoiding the State: How Empowerment Affects Citizen Payments for Public Services” [Original pre-analysis plan] [Revised pre-analysis plan].

Bergeron, Augustin, Laura Paler, Gabriel Tourek, and Jonathan Weigel, “Effects of Decentralized Tax Collection on Citizen Engagement” [pre-analysis plan].

Paler, Laura and Kyle Gray. “How Intergroup Contact via the Media Changes Prejudice and Politics: Evidence from a Married at First Sight Experiment.”

Select Policy Publications

2019. Atallah, Sami, Daniel Garotte Sanchez, Zeina Hawa, Leslie Marshall, and Laura Paler. “What Do Lebanese Citizens Want from Oil and Gas?” in The Future of Petroleum in Lebanon, eds. Sami Atallah and Bassam Fattouh, Bloomsbury Publishing.

2016. “Survey on Total Tax Burden in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” submitted to DFID (with Wilson Prichard, Raul Sanchez de la Sierra, and Cyrus Samii).

2015. “Oil and Governance in Uganda” submitted to the donor (with Guy Grossman, Jan Pierskalla, and Leslie Marshall).

2015. “The Social and Environmental Impact of the Community Rangers Program in Aceh” submitted to the World Bank (with Cyrus Samii, Matthew Lisiecki, and Adrian Morel) [full report] [policy brief-English] [policy brief-Indo] [annex].

2014. “Return to Legality or Recidivism of Ex-Combatants in Colombia,” Submitted to Fundacion Ideas para la Paz (with Sarah Daly and Cyrus Samii) [full report-Spanish] [policy brief-English].

2014. “The Effects of Payments for Environmental Services and Decentralized Forest Management on Deforestation and Poverty in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Systematic Review” International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), Campbell Collaboration International Development, and Collaboration for Environmental Evidence Systematic Reviews (with Cyrus Samii, Matt Lisiecki, Parhsar Kulkarni, and Larry Chavis).

2013. “Somalia Feasibility Assessment.” Prepared for DFID and the International Rescue Committee (with Grant Gordon and Guy Grossman).

2011. “Empowering Citizens to Combat the Resource Curse” (prepared for the Revenue Watch Institute and Open Society Institute-LGI).

2011. “The Sub-national Resource Curse: Causes, Consequences and Prescriptions” (prepared for the Revenue Watch Institute and Open Society Institute-LGI[pdf].

2009. “Community-Based Reintegration in Aceh: Assessing the Impacts of BRA-KDP” The World Bank Indonesian Social Development Paper #12  (with Patrick Barron, Macartan Humphreys, and Jeremy Weinstein) [pdf] [data].


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