Laura Paler

Associate Professor, Department of Government, School of Public Affairs, American University

Aceh: Post-Conflict Reintegration

Reminder of the call for a referendum on independence.

Identifying the determinants of strong institutions and social cohesion in post-conflict settings is an important area of political economy research. Understanding the sources of post-conflict peace and stability are of special interest in Aceh, following the resolution in 2005 of nearly 30 years of separatist conflict. To deepen knowledge of both the causes of conflict and the nature of post-conflict reintegration in Aceh, the World Bank in Indonesia commissioned the Aceh Reintegration and Livelihood Surveys (ARLS). Designed by Patrick Barron, Macartan HumphreysYuhki Tajima and Jeremy Weinstein and myself, the surveys were conducted in more than 750 villages around Aceh in 2008. The final sample includes more than 3000 civilians, 1000 ex-combatants and 750 village heads.

Project Materials


Surveys and Data

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